Install Ubuntu

Adjusting the sound volume

Add Users

Configure a static IP address

Audio local at Users


How to Make Ubuntu Look Like Windows

Backup and restore

Install xRDP for remote desktop sessions

Open the terminal and type:

$ ip a

Step 1 – Download the script 

Paste this url in the browser

Or click  here to download

Step 2 – unzip the file 

After downloading  you can find the zip package by the downloads.

Klick on the desktop in the left corner on activities en type downloads.

In that folder shout be the zip file XRDP.
Stand on it with your right mousse button and choose extract here.
The file wil be extract to:

You do have to switch directories first.
In this case to the downloads.

Type in the terminal:

 cd Downloads
With a capital D

And then the command: 



That 1.2.3 can also be 1.2.1 or something else.
Type the same text as the name of that download file.
And don't forget the dot in front.

Now you can try out the thin clients.

And also connect to a Ubuntu user with a Windows 10 computer

Type in the search box: mstsc

Enter the ip address from the Ubuntu machine

Enter the name of the user with password.
You may need to do that one more time.

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