Home Deleting the password from XP and Windows 7,8 and 10

The knowledge is present, but this needs to be treated with extreme restraint.
If someone indicates that they have forgotten the password, I look at the person first.
It makes quite a difference whether it seems to be a forgetful elderly person (b) or a younger person who you may expect would be able to remember passwords.

I then collect as much information as possible.
In addition to the name, address and telephone number, I subtly ask for training, hobbies or other matters that could be of interest to the declarant, and after deleting the password, I go looking for documents such as a CV, e-mail address or the like that could be linked to the owner.
If there is nothing to find and I have the feeling that it is not right, I enter a password again and send that person back into the forest with his possibly stolen computer or laptop. "Sorry it did not work out, unfortunately.
If I come across any suspicion, I might even consider replacing the hard disk with another one with a clean, unactivated installation with a password.
In order to protect a potentially victim person. Or to contact the rightful owner if it can be traced by means of the documents present.
I sleep at night and i don't even do that.