Azure and OneDrive for Bussines

Setup a VPN connection

Virtual Machine with Hyper-V (& Sandbox)

Install Windows 11 in Hyper-V on server without TPM and UEFI

It is also possible to run a VM inside a VM.
Nested, but that is not recommended.
You're making it harder on yourself than it needs to be.
Beschrijving: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/virtualization/hyper-v-on-windows/user-guide/media/hypervnesting.png
You can try it but you will find out that you cannot work with the existing network because you are always in the wrong IP range with that default- or Hyper-V switch.
The server VM will work, but the nested W-10 VM will not get the right IP range and DNS.
You have to manipulate the processor, vNat, Mac spoofing, etc.
Two VM's running at the same time use also a lot of internal memory.

How to use the Windows 10 Sandbox