The clients are set as follows
- They have an IP address from the DHCP range. The DHCP range = 192.168.101.x

- The server has 2 network adapters. 1 WAN and 1 LAN. The IP address of the LAN adapter is

- The clients have, as you can see with ipconfig /all, the following properties:

DNS = and Default Gateway =
The server has the following roles, DNS, DHCP and Routing and Remote access.

DNS works as follows:
Bernie requests the website Google.nl. Bernie has via DHCP as DNS the server

Ernie asks the server, where is Google.nl. The server doesn't know where google.nl is because there are no valid forwarders set up.

See below, the server has as forwarder. Previously this was the router, but not anymore.

So the server can't ask where google.nl is.
To solve the problem, we need to add a valid public DNS server to the forwarders.


Ping mail.kompserver.nl does not work because kompserver.nl is already an active Forward Lookup Zone.

Further settings