1-VPN connection

2-Setup of Remote deDesktop Service (RDS) with Hyper V

3-Quota. Adjusting the storage space (Z)

4-Sharing trough File and Storage Services V1

5-DFS Share and Replication

Mainserver 2019 (1)
Server 2019 with 2 clients

On the other side
Hyper-V server (2) with RDS.
Deploying a virtual Windows 10 desktop from hyper-V to a thin client.
On the left side a screen with a thin client.
Right side a second server with RDS and VM.

Server 2 with Hyper V  and RDS

Server 1

Qouta. Adjusting the storage space (Z)

Select the drive you want to put a quota on and go to properties

Use the setting you want to enable, in this example we will limit the gdisk space to 2gb and add a warning whenever the user exceeds the limit. Click on apply and after go to quota entries.

In this tab, go to Quota > New Quota Entry

Advanced > Find Now > %username%

Again set the quota limits.