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First create a folder that you want to use in your DFS in this case we are going to use a folder called administratie.
After this share the folder with the share settings you want to use, just make sure you removed the everyone in the share settings.

After this go to Tools > Active directory users and groups
Open up the OU you want to use for this use case in our test we use a OU called Administrati
e which is located in the OU of KOMP we have also created an account linked to a group to test it out.
Right click on the OU you want to use then click on new and then on Shared Folder

In the following window you have to create a name for the Shared folder OU and the network path to the folder.
Our Administratie Folder is located on the server called KOMPSV1 so naturally the Network path is \\KOMPSV1\Administratie

Now we can begin installing DFS in the server.
Go to add roles and features, skip the before you begin, select Role-Based or Feature-based Installation. Next>

Select the server you want to install it on, for replication purposed it is recommended to install the DFS on 2 separate servers.

In the server roles tab select DFS Namespaces and DFS Replication. Next >
You don
-t have to add any other features so you can go ahead and skip to Confirmation and click on install.

After install go to tools and click on DFS Management

Right click on Namespaces in the DFS management window and select New Namespace

In this window you can select the host for the namespace, click on browse and add the server you want to install it on.
Next >

Give the Namespace a name in this case Kompserver. Go to Edit Settings make sure to select Administrators have full acces; other users have read-only permissions then click OK and then on Next >

Deselect the Enable Windows Server 2008 mode, then click on Next >

Confirm the settings and click on Create

After this the Namespace Host has been created, now we have to link the folder we want to use.
Either right click on the newly created host or on new folder in the hos
ts management window.

Give the New Folder a name, then click on Add then browse and then select the shared folder and press OK 3 times.

Now the host and the folder are created you will have to go to Tools and select Group Policy Management then open up until you get the following screen and right click on Default
 Domain Policy and the click on Edit.

In the GPO editor open up Preferences under User Configuration then Windows Settings then right click on Drive maps then go to new and Mapped drive

Now you should get the following new drive properties.
In this window click on the
......at the Location line then click on Find Now and select the Shared Drive.

After this you can change the drive letter to the one you want to use, and make sure to select Show this drive under Hide/Show this drive. Then click on Ok

After this the shared DFS namespace folder should be ready for use on the accounts you gave it access to

-DFS Replication

Now we are going to configure the replication of the folder we just made
Go to tools then DFS management and right click on Replication and then on New Replication Group

Keep the settings as is, then click on Next >

Give the replication group a name and make sure the domain you want to use is selected. Next >

Click on add then advanced then find now and then select the servers you want to use (KOMPSV1, KOMPSV2)

Keep the settings on Full Mesh  the Next >

Keep these settings on default too, or change the bandwidth if necessary. Next >

Select the server that contains the folder we want to replicate, in this case KOMPSV1. Next >

Now we are going to have to select the folder we want to replicate, click on Add

Click on Browse then navigate to the folder you want to replicate, so either select the folder Administratie or the dir where you have put the folder in. Click on Ok two times then on Next >

Now configure the path where the replicated folder will be located on the server. Click on Add then select Enabled and browse to place you want to put your replicated items at. Next >

Now click on Create

Now you should have a shared folder which will be saved on one server and replicated on the other.