Macrium Reflect
With Macrium Reflect Free you can make a copy/image of a partition.
But for a server you can't use that.
Then you have to buy the Server edition.
You can download and install a 1 month trial Server version, but after one month it is over.
A second time will not work, because somewhere in the registry there is a reference that you have used it before.
You can burn a rescue CD (with another computer) by starting Macrium Free and clicking on that disk icon at the top left.
With that CD you can boot the Server outside the OS and registry.
Then you can still create an image or restore an existing image.

Make an image/copy from C
Start Macrium Reflect

Only a check at C

  Click on image this disk

The image here goes to D, but for the Server you need to select E.
Click finish and then OK

Restoring the image:
Start the computer with that recovery CD or with the PXE server.
This may take a while.
Just wait

Click on restore and then on Browse for an image
And then click on the image that is on D (for server on E)

Select C on the second bar and then you will see a blue line below it

Click on next, finish and then on continue.